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By Michael Forgeard. Oil on wood panel. 12inch x12inch


**"Dinner Companions"**This realistic and intriguing painting captures a quiet dinner scene, meticulously rendered in oil on a wood panel. Measuring 12x12 inches, the artwork invites viewers into an intimate tableau of subtle emotions and unexpected interactions.The table is elegantly set with a crisp white tablecloth, adorned with place settings for four, hinting at an anticipated guest or perhaps an absent diner. To the left, a woman gazes downward thoughtfully, seemingly lost in her own world, her expression a blend of introspection and detachment.At the center, another woman, the maid, stands out with her mix of anger and frustration directed towards the cat seated at the table. This cat, anthropomorphized and dressed in a suit and tie, appears almost shocked, creating a palpable tension and a sense of an unspoken conversation between them.The painting's realistic style emphasizes the nuanced emotions and complex relationships at play, drawing viewers into this slightly surreal dinner scene. Through its exploration of companionship and the unexpected, "Dinner Companions" invites the audience to imagine the stories and dynamics behind these unique characters.


Painted on a wood panel, ready for framing or hang unframed. By Michael Forgeard.

Dinner Companions

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